debby demartiniI am often asked, “How did you get involved with Thermography?”

Well, my story started in Washington in 2009. I was a single mother of two young kids, and I was working a LOT of hours at my corporate job. The money was good, but I was very unhappy in the corporate world. It was very rigid and I felt like it underutilized the very skills and experience we as employees were hired for in the first place. So after 4 years of making my way “up the corporate ladder”, I decided to leave. It felt like I was taking a blind step off of a huge cliff, not knowing what was below. It was a hard, very scary, decision to leave. I had a great salary and was able to support my kids. Had I lost my mind? (I got that question a lot from my friends and family)…

I began interviewing with a local hospital. Health and wellness have been the common denominators in all of my work, and the job at the hospital would be secure and have great benefits. The main problem, is that the interview “process” was exactly that… a PROCESS. It took months! I was getting restless and needed to be able to support my kids, so I was continuing to interview for positions that seemed like a good fit.

I was interviewed by a medical practice that was hiring a front desk manager. I applied, and was called in for a second interview. At that time, I was told that there was another position available for a start-up company that they were launching. With my skill set and experience, I was asked to consider running their start-up Thermography business. After going home to do my research (I had never even HEARD of Thermography), I found the technology to be extremely intriguing.

The battle between entering this new, uncharted territory of running a start-up company, versus taking the more stable, hospital position, began. I struggled with the feelings of being a responsible parent, taking the job I knew would provide me with the income and benefits I would need to care for my kids. But the exciting possibilities that lay ahead with the Thermography job would keep me awake at night I felt as though I could not pass up this amazing opportunity, so I bravely stepped off the edge of that cliff AGAIN, and accepted the Thermography position, and never looked back. I felt as though the Universe led me to exactly where I needed to be (as usual). I have literally been an integral part of saving many lives.
I moved back to my home state of California in 2012. It was devastatingly hard to leave the business I had built, into a very successful practice, behind. I worried about my clients and missed being a part of their journeys. I then received a call many months later. The owner of the clinic in Washington was looking to sell the business. It seems it failed to thrive after my departure. I was saddened for my clients and disappointed that all of my hard work may have been for nothing. Then the Universe aligned for me once more. I bought Thermal Body Scan and moved it here to Santa Cruz. Again, entering into uncharted territory (I’ve never owned a business) I though of the possibilities. The opportunity to do what I love again. The immeasurable value of this technology and service. The ability to positively impact the lives of the people in my community. There was no question. This is what I am meant to do. I am passionate, caring, knowledgeable, I educate, inform, and CARE for people. What better way than to help them get, or stay, healthy? I am grateful and feel blessed everyday to share in my client’s experiences. Some are good, some are tough. But together we’ll stand strong.

Now, the Universe has led you to me! Let me help you by providing you with this incredible service. I’ve devoted my career to helping others achieve health and wellness. Thermography could save your life.

Let’s get proactive about your health. Early detection is the key!




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