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Disc golf is all the best of traditional golf – risk/reward strategic thinking, low-impact exercise, fresh air outdoors and casual competitive fun – without all the drawbacks. Excessive cost & time requirements, difficulty and environmental impact are all significant drawbacks to playing ‘ball’ golf, and none are present with disc golf. Surprisingly, disc golf can be played on its simplest level with one or two discs, or with numerous specialized discs for driving, putting, and shots that require left and right turns. The target (the equivalent of the ‘hole’ in ball golf) is an elevated metal disc-catching basket with chains that ring with almost musical sounds when a disc hits its mark. Disc golf is easy to learn and hard to master, and practically free to play, making it a great activity for people of all ages.



What to wear: Wear good durable closed-toe shoes- light hiking or cross-training shoes are ideal, but anything suitable for a 2-hour walk on wooded trails is fine.Light long pants are ideal due to the presence of poison oak, and layered clothing as dictated by the current weather conditions.


What to bring: Water or other fluids or some other snacks, and golf discs if you already have them. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase a couple discs for $20.


During a School of Disc Golf experience, participants can expect to learn the basics of how how play, then immediately put that training to the test during a real round of disc golf.

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Jack Trageser
School of Disc Golf


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