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Providing our local communities integrative and holistic health and fitness programs, services and products that help align individuals with sustainable wellness. We have a portfolio of powerful and clinically effective organic, Eco-friendly products sourced from all over the world that provide sustainable lifestyle solutions, coupled with individualized programs using our clinical background to genetic testing.

Optimal Health and Fitness brings together the basic principles of integrative medicine and functional fitness to create a company that achieves excellence in safe, effective, inspiring and empowering programs, classes and healthcare services. We strive to make every contact with our business a personal and professional experience that makes a difference in your everyday health and wellness. Our mission is to help people thrive in the shortest time possible and to teach you how to sustain your improvements by bridging the gap between awareness, choice and action. I believe that the greatest power to transform is from within. With this in mind, Optimal Health & Fitness keeps the following values at the core of its operations:

Honesty & Integrity: The health and fitness industry at large is based on advertising that promises big results for small efforts. Optimal Health & Fitness offers honest assessment, instruction and treatment which allows clients to reach realistic goals based at where your starting point is. 

Education & Empowerment: Optimal Health & Fitness strives to educate and empower its clients with knowledge that will enhance their personal programs and to dispel common myths and misconceptions that exist on the topics of health and fitness.

Dignity & Respect: Optimal Health & Fitness views each client as a valuable human being to be treated with respect, regardless of your level of vitality or initial level of fitness, gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disease or disability.  Each client is treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Balance & Sustainabilty: Optimal Health & Fitness encourages clients to actively pursue balance in all areas of their lives. In the context of fitness, this means realistically balancing conflicting time demands, developing both nutritious and pleasant eating habits, designing challenging exercise programs which recognize the importance of rest and recovery periods, and striving to include fun and joy in motion. In the context of health, this means heightening your awareness around all your relationships in order to discover and reveal the areas that need some fine-tuning. Along with your willingness to change, we facilitate different assignments we call homework that allow you to truly transform every relationship in your life. 

Consistency: Change happens gradually over time. Most people have started a health or fitness program only to stop as soon as they got frustrated or were not seeing the results they wanted. By recognizing the value of realistic small steps and by providing support at every point in the journey, Optimal Health & Fitness can help each client strengthen their confidence, establish healthy patterns that are effective and uncover a harmonious and sustainable relations with their lifestyle.

Optimal Health & Fitness is committed to assisting each client in improving their physical fitness, health and overall quality of life. We are honored to be of service to the Santa Cruz community and beyond.


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August 5, 2014

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