Ocean Robbins


Ocean is co-author of Choices For Our Future: A Generation Rising For Life On Earth (1994) and of The Power of Partnership (2009), and speaks widely, spreading a message of hope and inspiration to conferences, companies and organizations.

“Everybody has unique contributions to make to this planet. There are more than 7 billion parts to play in the transformation of our world, each a unique path, coming out of our histories, our struggles and devastations, and our dreams for the future. Whatever love, nurturance, opportunities and privileges have been given to us, they’re ours now. In this precious, wild and crazy thing we call our lives, what choices will we make? What will be our impact upon this planet and upon those with whom we share it?” — Ocean Robbins

In 1990 at age 16, I founded YES!, an organization I directed for the next 20 years with the goal of connecting, inspiring and mobilizing visionary young leaders worldwide. I’ve spoken to hundreds of thousands of people, led hundreds of retreats, workshops and Jams for leaders in 65+ nations, written books, mentored (and learned from) changemakers, been a creative partner and lead editor for bestsellers, and I am a father of special needs twins.
Now I am CEO of the Food Revolution Network. 100,000+ people are mobilizing for healthy sustainable, humane and delicious food and food systems. I am also an adjunct professor of Peace Studies at Chapman University, a blogger, a speaker, and a facilitator. And a dad, a lover of live, and a human being who is trying to live in a good way on this earth.



CEO of the Food Revolution Network
International Speaker
Founder of Yes!







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