Cultivating #badasscourage makes your world rock! MINORSAN Self-Defense & Fitness provides the tools, skills, support and inspiration for you to get on your journey to “badassness.” Yes, we focus on you and your needs/wants/desires for a fit and healthy life.

Program development for members of the community is an ongoing project at MINORSAN, always seeking and searching for what works best for our members, and to hold them at the highest level of care and concern for their well-being, no matter what might be the class format.
Your health, fitness and safety have been the cornerstones for all the programming we have available.

From the FREE Self-Defense Strategies & Skills Workshops, to various Fitness Formats and Specialty Workshops, we have something for ‘almost’ everybody. Not everyone will like/love/enjoy us, and that’s ok. We get it. For those who do, many make this their ‘home’ in their safety, fitness, and health world.

KickAeroBixTM is our signature fitness workout. We began developing and offering this workout in 1996, the first in this community, and still going strong.

BodyPump® is resistance training workout (to music), and is the most fun you will ever have lifting weights (and they are even light weights, but still kick your butt…and no, you will not get burly with this workout,
just toned and strong).

Also added to our repertoire of classes are Zumba®, Pilates Mat Classes and Yoga, with our two latest, HIIT- Kick and Tabata Bootcamp. These have proven to be of service to the many members in our community looking for alternatives, and for smaller venues that feel more personable.
Our Martial Arts programming continues to focus on self- defense that works for all body types, all ages, and both female/male populations. It is “safe” training in full- contact martial arts. And, yes, women learn to strike like strong women, and men learn to strike like strong men. It works for everyone.

And it is life-changing…your development as a human being will continue to grow in very positive ways as you become more empowered, strong and confident. How will a confident body feel for you?!

Yes, it’s kick-ass kick-butt combat skills, while learning how your own spirituality determines when/how you will use it (if ever, in a physical fighting scenario). And here’s the best part: we start from where you are when you come in. No expectations of what you ‘should’ be able to do. Only you can determine that. We follow your lead on that one.

You have an entire week to check us out. We welcome you.







Clara E. Minor

1320 Mission St #1, Santa Cruz, CA 95060


(831) 458-0900










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