Lee Holden, L.Ac 


Lee Holden started his Qi Gong journey after suffering an injury when playing soccer for the University of Berkeley, California. Wanting to explore the alternative of ancient Eastern practices to help him heal, nothing could have prepared Lee for the journey of self-discovery he was to embark on.

After being so impressed by how Qi Gong had accelerated his recovery, his focus in life had shifted, and he travelled across Asia to immerse himself in various ancient practices that offered him more meaning than his sporting career had.

Returning to America a changed man, he started off small, teaching the art of Qi Gong to his close friends and family. Eventually, Lee was approached by PBS who asked him to make a short Qi Gong show for modern audiences. The show was a huge success.

Fast forward a few years and Lee is not only an international instructor of Qi Gong, Meditation and Tai Chi and a household name on US and Canadian TV, but also runs his own wellness center out of Santa Cruz, California.


Lee in the News and Media


Despite regularly hosting his much loved Qi Gong specials on PBSLee has also appeared in:






Owner, Santa Cruz Chi Center
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Qi Gong Master

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