Hear from individuals who have taken the Santa Cruz Challenge:

Whew…I was so nervous about the fitness test, but ended up being proud of myself for doing better than I thought I would. I haven’t jogged in many years and I jogged the while mile in 14 minutes!!! I did WAY better at the wall sit than I thought I would. My confidence is already boosted and I’m excited about my first boot camp class tonight.

Debra Means

That was…. WOW, really great! Thank you so much for being so awesome, all of you. I went in really nervous not sure what to expect and not knowing what i had in me and left feeling so inspired and full of life. Thanks for providing such safe and fun loving environment for us who needed that lil extra shove to get back in the game.  AND… Agile Monkey rocked my socks!!!!

Kim Anderson

Tonight was my 4th class at TriYoga & I’m in love. The space makes me want to live there, the classes are all different & equally amazing.


I was so impressed with Agile Monkey, what a great instructor and nice clean studio! Thank you Santa Cruz Challenge for collaborating with Agile Monkey.

Julie Cuyan

Alright! Connecting with my core at Agile Monkey Pilates Studio. I’ve enjoyed two classes so far today and am looking forward to this pilates filled week with the Santa Cruz Challenge … looking for my inner monkey!

Johanna Jefferies

It was a wonderful Introduction to Pilates and Studio Tour this morning. What a pleasure to see the owner Lisa and the other instructors were very pleasant and helpful. I was nervous to try pilates, and I’m happy I went. Thanks Santa Cruz Challenge and Agile Monkey for allowing me to learn what pilates is.

Dejon Weldon

LOVING the Challenge. Day 2 of bootcamp under belt. Great workouts and even greater group of inspiring people – thank you!

Anna DiBenedetto

On Sunday, I went to TriYoga Santa Cruz. I was extremely impressed! To start off the location is beautiful. You walk through a garden to get into the main entrance and are greeted by one of the friendly, warm staff members to assist you with setup. As soon as you walk into the main room you are greeted by the instructor who introduces herself and let’s you know where and what props to pick up, plus where the facilities are if needed. Once the class began, there were a couple of instructors walking around to assist with postures and alignment. At the end of the class I felt refreshed, relaxed and excited to return. I am considering joining this facility after the challenge is over.

Anda Willet

Santa Cruz Challenge and Agile Monkey Pilates Studio .. These two businesses rock! Quality of service and attention to detail (and more importantly me) are all impeccable. Thank you Optimal Health and Fitness.

Alisa VanDissen

I visited Agile Monkey Pilates Studio this morning for a Mat/Props class. What a treat! Susi Rowntree was a terrific instructor–super positive and encouraging. Jennifer answered all of our questions about associated costs and getting started after class. The studio was light, bright, and had a really great, calm energy. I’ll definitely be returning! Thank you Santa Cruz Challenge.

Gena Connelly

Amazing studio, great teachers, very inspired and how strong I felt after just one week.

Deborah Taylor

Thank you, Thank you for all of the support, encouragement and HUGS!! It was a little scary for me the first day, but with the loving encouragement that I received, I was able to do what I could and not be ashamed. NO JUDGING – just loving support!!!!! Thank you for that.

Rebecca Struss

OMG, I just found one of the best kept secrets in Santa Cruz at Tri-Yoga. What a lovely environment — a perfect sanctuary space right in the middle of downtown. Have been trying to get to a class all week and finally made it last night. Really good basics class, not too hard for beginners and good explanations to some of the details about practicing yoga. AND Agile Monkey Pilates – Excellent. One of the best adventure events I’ve done. Great instruction, clean well lit studio. Very pleasant. I’ll go back.

Mel D.

Agile Monkey with Suzanna was awesome. She took time out to address each one of our personal needs and was able to recognize and correct a multitude of poor/wrong muscle engagements. For example she told us to lift our leg with our hamstring I thought I was. With a quick correction from her I was able to find my hamstring and can now actively engagement; Way over due. Thank you Santa Cruz Challenge and Agile Monkey Pilates studio.

Leah Luchsinger

Agile Monkey has a very nice studio. It is very calming. The instructors are so helpful. Great job Optimal Health and Fitness for getting them to sponsor the Santa Cruz Challenge.

Anita Raffaelli

I took my first class ever of Pilates today with Agile Monkey. My abs are thankful. I’m looking forward to learning how to engage specific muscles and hold my kittens in.

April Laughlin

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